The 500th Anniversary is an excellent time for Lutheran congregations to not only celebrate the Reformation but to go beyond the historic events and deepen their understanding of its theological substance and how this shaped substance of our Confessions.

The seminar consists of four segments.

  • The first session examines how God placed the Reformation into the intellectual, social, economic and political changes that were occurring in 16th century Europe to effectively address the abuses in doctrine and practices of the Church of Rome.


  • The second session focuses on Luther and the sequence of events from the posting of the Ninety-Five Theses, through his stand at the Diet of Worms, and recounting his contributions to the German language, writings, music and liturgy.


  • The third session shifts the focus to the emerging Lutheran Church, its relationship to the Church of Rome and the development of our Lutheran Confessions.


  • The fourth examines key distinctions in Luther’s theology and how these are reflected in our Lutheran Confessions.


The seminars conclude with break-out sessions to discuss the relevancy of our Lutheran doctrine and practices in today’s world.

Our goal is that attendees will come away with:

  • A better understanding and appreciation for our Lutheran heritage.
  • A more substantive understanding of our Lutheran doctrine.
  • The opportunity to celebrate this anniversary with Lutherans from other congregations.
  • Greater comfort in responding to non-Lutherans about our beliefs.