The Reformation and Confessions seminar is intended to be offered to and for multiple congregations within a geographic area.  This approach reduces the redundancy in the planning and delivery process, stimulates fellowship among congregations and increases the number of resources available to spread the work.  However, it does add some complexity to the process that can be helped by having an organizational structure similar to the following:

Circuit Coordinator serves as the point of contact with CLCC in receiving materials and in coordinating how the functions are carried out with the congregational coordinators and other volunteers.  This role is ideally filled by a layman who has recognizes the unique opportunity this anniversary provides for Lutherans to appreciate our heritage in support of the objectives stated earlier.  It also requires one who has the ability to organize, motivate, coordinate and recognize the work of other volunteers.

Congregation Coordinator is to be selected for each congregation within the circuit or other geographic area hosting the seminar.  The Congregation Coordinator is responsible for promoting the seminar within his/her congregation and enlisting the support of other volunteers.  It is envisioned that the congregation coordinators along with the Circuit Coordinator will determine the time, location and division of duties in the hosting of the seminar.

Host Congregation Coordinator has the additional responsibility to make sure the site is prepared and available for the seminar and the related functions such as lunch and registration.  It is envisioned that this coordinator would identify and recruit individuals to chair the refreshment and lunch functions, the set-up and clean-up activities, securing the necessary audio-visual equipment, and for manning a registration table.

Circuit Promotion Coordinator may be selected from the Congregation Coordinators to be responsible for preparing and distributing promotional materials and coordinating the release of these among the individual congregations.