It is our intent, and hopefully yours as well, for the seminars to be well attended.  The 500th anniversary of the Reformation will generate interest not only within the Lutheran community but in the world in general.  While we focus on the correction in religious doctrine, the Reformation was an historic event that marked the transition from medieval to modern times.  It reshaped the political as well as the religious landscape and was accompanied by changes in intellectual, social and economic trends.  As such, we as Lutherans can expect to be asked about Luther, and thereby given the opportunity to respond with an understanding not only what happened but why it happened.  We believe that this seminar and the breakout sessions will provide an opportunity to both grow in personal understanding and in their confidence to share who we are and what we believe to others.

The strongest form of promotion will be the enthusiasm displayed by you hosting the seminar.  However, we at CLCC will provide a suggested timeline of promotional releases as well pre-designed flyers that can be customized with your dates and location and used in a congregation’s newsletter or as a bulletin insert.  Each hosting site is asked to coordinate the activities among the participating congregations and determine where common resources can be used.  For example, you will be responsible for the actual production and distribution of the material and the determination of running ads in the media.