The terms of office for all CLCC positions are up this year–our 8th anniversary.


We will be electing six directors–three pastors and three lay men–and the Executive Director, a lay man. Nominations are due to the Executive Director by October 30, 2015. Email him by clicking here.

  • The Board oversees the affairs of CLCC.
    • It meets a minimum of two times each year, usually via teleconference. (Any face-to-face meetings coincide with regional events or conventions.)
    • Their term of office is four years.
  • The Executive Director oversees CLCC’s day-to-day functions
    • He appoints the members of the Executive Committee.
    • His term of office is four years.
  • Elections will be by email in January.



After election, the new Executive Director will appoint the Secretary, Treasurer, Education Director, and Publicity Director next winter. In addition we are seeking volunteers for Curriculum Development, Seminar Support, and Member Services. If you might be interested in one of these positiones, please email him by clicking here.


If you have any questions, contact us.