Each host will receive a PowerPoint presentation that consists of four sections:

  • The intellectual, political, and religious context affecting the Reformation.
  • The call for reform outlying the events and reasons for the Reformation through the Diet of Worms.
  • The struggles of the Reformation leading to the Diet of Augsburg.
  • Key aspects of Luther’s theology and the Lutheran Confessions.


The first three sessions are intended to last three hours including breaks and be held in the morning (9:00 -noon).  Notes are provided with the slides with the confidence that a knowledgeable layman who is comfortable with public speaking can present these sessions. Although, since this is a circuit seminar, it would be preferred to have as many of the pastors of the circuit involved in the presentations.

After a break for lunch, the fourth session presenting key aspects of Lutheran doctrine is to be presented.  While this could certainly be an open-ended topic, the seminar is designed that this section should last one hour.  At that time, there are to be two or more concurrent break-out sessions that discuss the relevancy of our Lutheran doctrine and practices in today’s world.  We recommend that one of the pastors presents this final session and that one or more of the pastors lead the break-out sessions.

As the seminars provide a social opportunity, we encourage the Lutheran tradition of providing coffee and pastries during the registration period, typically a half hour prior to beginning the seminar itself.  While the seminar slides are written in three fairly equal segments, the seminar committee will want to determine when breaks are to be scheduled and for how long.  The committee will also want to determine what refreshments (if  any) they wish to serve before or during the break-out sessions.