CLCC is Providing a Free Seminar package on the Reformation and Confessions

A little over 500 years ago, Martin Luther started a Reformation. Nobody knew what he was starting. Even he didn’t. But here we are today, in the first year of celebrating it. The CLCC sees value more than just one big celebration that has already taken place. Remembering the Reformation has much to offer even now. As our synod’s 500th anniversary motto put it: “It’s still all about Jesus.”

To do this, we are offering a chance for the people of your circuit to rediscover them and their value. One Saturday,  your circuit could have a seminar where the people would be reintroduced to these statements.  Your circuit pastors would probably do the presentations, but that’s really all they would be asked to do. The beauty of this proposal is that the laity would do the preparation, planning, and promotion. The CLCC will provide all the material needed to prepare and promote an event at one of the churches in your circuit, as well as the material to be presented-all for free!

You may ask, “But what if the people don’t want to come?”  Here’s where you could come in. You can already see the value of this event. With your pastor’s approval, you can promote it in your congregation. In fact, each circuit will want a representative from each congregation. These representatives will network through a circuit coordinator. Again, we will provide all the organizational and promotional material, also for free.

Once there, the participants will be taken through a history of the Reformation in about three hours. (Although, the circuit team could decide on what they would like). It will start by looking at how all the things going on provided the perfect setting for the Reformation to take place. Then it will look at major events of the Reformation, focusing particularly on Martin Luther and those reformers who recognized the truth of these statements we call the Lutheran Confessions. Then it will look at how the confessions developed in response to the situation of that day. A little bit later, the participants will look more closely at these confessional statements, to see what they say, and to see that—when it comes down to it—they are all about Jesus. Finally, they’ll be lead through some discussion that shows just how good it would be that these confessions would be better known by us and our fellow members.

Again, all of this is free. Furthermore, all of this will be presented at a level for youth, so no one will feel like it’s over their head.

Perhaps from the beginning of this article you knew the identity of these statements were our Lutheran Confessions. Maybe you know a lot about them. Maybe you only know about the Small Catechism, and not much more of any of the other 16th century documents. After this seminar, you and your fellow congregational members will know a lot more, and you will see what role these confessions ought to play in your life and in your church’s life. You will also be better prepared to speak about your faith to those who don’t understand what this Reformation is all about and who don’t know what Jesus has done.

Please consider if you would like to be a coordinator for your circuit or a representative for your congregation. If you’re a pastor, you will want to talk with the rest of your brothers to see what you could do so you can have this in your circuit. And get ready to see just how relevant these dusty old documents are!


Download a sample PDF or Powerpoint Presentation (see the top right of this page) to see how the seminar will look. The powerpoint has suggested presenter comments for each of the pages

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For your convenience, we have provide these links for more information and instructions in how to get started.

1. Format of the Seminar

2. Scope and Structure

3. Facilities and Equipment

4. Promotion

Position Responsibilities To a large extent, we anticipate the need or some flexibility in hosting the seminar.  As unique issues and opportunities invariably present themselves, please exercise your judgment to address these in a God-pleasing manner that works best for you and the others on your hosting team.  That being said, most of the activities will be common across all of the circuits that permit us to provide what we believe should be the following checklist of specific duties.

a) Circuit Visitor

b) Participating Circuit Pastors

c) Circuit Coordinator

d) Congregational Representative

e) Host Congregation Organizer



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