Welcome to Confessional Lutherans for Christ’s Commission. We are a recognized service organization of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, chartered as a resource for Lutheran congregations to build a more knowledgeable laity.

lutherRoseYou will notice that our name contains two key terms: CONFESSIONAL and COMMISSION. The word, Confessional, reflects our dependence on the statements of the Lutheran reformers. As they made these statements, these 16th century reformers let the historic Christian Church’s understanding of Scriptures define and shape the teachings of the Lutheran Church.

Commission reflects our mission to share this message of salvation with others through education. In this context, our lutheran confessions and our mission should not be viewed as in conflict with each other, but rather as interdependent foundations to guide our walk through life.

220px-Augsburger-ReichstagConfessional Lutherans for Christ’s Commission provides seminars, conferences and presentation materials to assist congregations in providing their members a deeper understanding of our doctrine. We believe that such an understanding is important for each of us as we are confronted by questions about our beliefs and assures us that our doctrine reflects the teachings of Scripture.

We invite you to consider us as a resource in your educational efforts and look forward to working with you.

Lord, help us ever to retain
The Catechism’s doctrine plain
As Luther taught the Word of truth
In simple style to tender youth

© Lutheran Service Book, CPH 2006